April 15, 2016

#108intern: final thoughts from emma shore

Here is a post from our preparator intern, Emma Shore. We appreciate all her hard work and dedication to 108|Contemporary. 


My time as a preparator intern at 108|Contemporary has been amazing. Everyone there is so laid back and friendly, it almost doesn’t seem like work. In my time at the gallery, I’ve learned many new skills that will be useful in my own artistic practice and in any museum or gallery jobs that I may obtain in the future. Along with preparator work (including all of the challenges that arise while installing and de-installing exhibitions), I’ve learned elements of art education and art administration that will further help me later in life. It’s impossible to get bored at 108 because there are always new and different tasks to do!

I’m graduating from Oklahoma State University this May with a BFA in Studio Art, with a focus in watercolor. After graduation, I plan to move to Madison, Wisconsin and get a job in a gallery or art museum there while continuing to make art in my own time. I also plan to show my work as often as I can.

My time at 108|Contemporary has not only given me incredibly valuable experience that will help me toward obtaining a job in my field, but it has also allowed me to meet a wide variety of local artists who are active in the Tulsa art community. First Fridays are a fun and exciting way to meet Oklahoma artists! Being able to be around these artists and being exposed to the artwork in the gallery has been an incredibly inspirational experience and has helped foster my own creativity.

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