December 1, 2016

3… 2… 1… ‘syncretic’ opens this week!

It’s our last official day of installing “Syncretic” at 108|Contemporary. We’ve been debating details of spacing and location, solving last-minute problems with wobbly pedestals, smudged Plexiglas, and hydraulic lifts with minds of their own—and even taking some time out to talk to the press. Most importantly, we’re getting excited about the opening this Friday night!

Seeing an exhibition come together in the gallery is one of the most satisfying experiences a curator can have, so for my pre-show post, I thought I’d share the curator’s-eye-perspective on the installation process, as seen (with apologies) through my camera phone.


View of work in progress by Molly Dilworth below monoprints by Monty Little; Rena Detrixhe in the background.


Rena Detrixhe installing Syllables of Water on the 108|Contemporary windows.


Nick Vaughan and Jake Margolin putting the newly-cleaned plexiglass cover on their piece, Mary’s Naturally: Graphite. They created the work by powdering loose graphite through a stencil.


Wall sculpture by Molly Dilworth; Genie lift in the foreground.


Artist Crystal Z. Campbell installing her Notes from Black Wall Street.


108|Contemporary volunteer, Elizabeth Kennedy, preparing display stands for work by Molly Dilworth.


View through one of those concrete blocks of Molly Dilworth’s sculptural elements waiting to be put together.

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