Pop- Up Exhibition October 25th-29th

Shan Goshorn: Resisting the Mission; Filling the Silence

From October 25th– 29th, 2017, Eastern Band Cherokee artist, Shan Goshorn, will exhibit a temporary installation at 108|Contemporary of her series Resisting the Mission: Filling The Silence in celebration of the Native American Art Studies Association Conference meeting in Tulsa this year.


The series follows the late 19th-century story of ten to twelve thousand Native American children that were taken from their homes to a military-style boarding school that aimed to assimilate them into white society and effectively eradicates Native culture in the young generation. ‘Before and After’ images were taken of the students to show the results of the experiment, which form the foundation of these pieces. Goshorn sent reproductions of the images to different communities and asked audiences to write their responses on the photographs. The inscribed images were then cut into splints and rewoven into Cherokee style single-weave baskets.


Goshorn “hopes this piece will give audiences- especially native people- an opportunity to overcome the silence that has been suffered for too long.” Don’t miss the chance to see this series, on view for a limited time only!