June 2 - June 4, 2017

Sticks, Twigs, & Ties Workshop with Jo Stealey at the Hardesty Arts Center

Explore simple, inventive methods to develop armatures for sculptural weaving using traditional and non-traditional materials such as reed, fabric, yarn, wire, or recycled elements to finish the forms in unexpected ways. Participants will be introduced to weaving techniques such as lashing, twining, plaiting, coiling, and random weave to work on the armatures. The structural possibilities of armature combined with historical and new materials will lead to inventive sculptural baskets.

WORKSHOP INTRODUCTION: In this workshop, we will explore several methods to develop sculptural woven forms. Once you have completed sample structures, you will understand how these techniques offer many options for size, form, symmetry (or asymmetry), and surface texture of a sculptural object. Based on this knowledge of woven structures, along with the materials you choose (which may be very different from reed and could include almost anything), you will have the ability to design very non-traditional sculptural baskets.