I am a weaver, which means I get to see and be a part of the transformation of a white cone of yarn into a colorful, delicate piece of fabric. I create one-of-a-kind, custom-colored, contemporary, hand-woven textiles for homes, businesses, places of worship, and hospitals. Along with my large woven pieces, I love making scarves. Scarves are my learning tools to figure out how colors work together, and then I can apply what I have learned to my larger pieces. 

Harmony is the key element in what I create at the loom and can be defined as the pleasing arrangements of parts that bring an inner sense of order. In my weavings, these pleasing arrangements of parts are brought out in a gradation of color, pattern, spacing, scale, and composition. As a weaver, sitting at the loom, my whole body is part of a meditative process during the start of the transformation of the woven cloth. Thread by thread, beat by beat of the loom, with each process of creating a finished piece, I hope what I create inspires harmony, beauty, hope, healing, and contemplation, whatever size it is, from a scarf to a large installation piece. 

My background and training in this ancient craft for almost twenty years have been instrumental in shaping my unique approach to contemporary weaving, and I remain committed to pushing the boundaries of this timeless art form while staying true to the tradition that has been the foundation of my creative journey.