JJ Huelsman is a retired educator and arts administrator. He received a B.A. in Fine Arts from Ohio University and a Masters of Fine Arts from Indiana State University. While living in Europe, he became fascinated with metal work and its use for adornment, from Roman era chain to garment clasps.

Since returning to the States, Huelsman has continued his interest and investigation into metal ornamentation in relation to jewelry and sculptural forms, learning fabrication skills. His work is noted for his approach to wirework and use of shallow sculptural space and is exhibited regionally.

The process itself inspires him as he hand makes each piece. This not only gives individuality to the jewelry but also serves to offer a connection between the artist and the collector. To use his words, “the touch of the hand offers a human presence in the objects around us.” The pieces are about tactility and presence that each gives the wearer a unique look.


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