A life-long woodworker, Bixby-based artist RC Morrison began his work with LED lighting in 2011. His work is held in private collections and public facilities including the entry to the Hardesty Arts Center, Tulsa, OK. He has exhibited at the Tulsa Artist Coalition gallery and JRB Art at the Elms gallery in Oklahoma City. He participated in the 2016 “ART NOW”show at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center and exhibits each
year in OVAC’s 12×12 exhibition.
     “For me the only essential element of art is beauty,” says Morrison. “Unless a work is beautiful, I’m not convinced it is art. This sounds narrow and even prescriptive but it is my belief. When art strays from beauty, I feel it risks becoming something other than art.”
Morrison creates beauty in his work through the atmosphere that the LED lights emit. Drawing inspiration from 20th-century artists like James Turrell, Morrison’s work uses light, an element very connected to our perception of the world, as a tool to alter our experience of any given space. Color and light are essential elements of art. They influence the mood of an image or environment and yet are so often overlooked. Morrison uses industrial materials to strategically bring forgotten pillars of design back into focus. As the LED lights activate the space within which they exist and highlight not only their surroundings but also the importance of light itself.
To watch an interview with RC Morrison, click here.