My mother, a lifelong artist, always encouraged my creative juices. We loved to go to museums wherever we traveled. Laredo, TX was my early childhood home and it profoundly influenced my development as an artist and continues to today. I was mesmerized by the lively environment and vibrant colors. Travels to Brazil, India, and Vietnam later enhanced my passion for colorful cultures.

Beading became one of my passions in 1997 and I continue to expand my interest in a wide variety of fiber-related media including paper weaving, on-loom and off-loom weaving, and embroidery. Look close and you’ll see tiny beads, springs or yarn in the plastic tubing tacked on the frame(s). Ribbon is woven through the tubes and the fun is to see reflective light from the mirror backing on each piece. The wonderful world of color and the magic of repetition continues to motivate my artistic passion on a daily basis.

-Sharyl Landis