Artist Statement:

I am Terasa Plumlee of TerasaDesigns.  I am creator and designer of Art2Wear.  I have been creating and making wearable designs for over 20 years.  This particular collection is an emphasize of the timeless designs of the Japanese garments and textiles.  These garments come from Osaka, Japan.  These are vintage pieces that are from 30 to 50 years old. I have always been enthralled with the most beautiful fabrics and workmanship in various styles of traditional kimonos and obis.  I have taken and upcycled, as well as maintain its original beauty in each piece.  I have re cut and resewn many of these fabrics and created unique styles. I have also applied over dying in a few of these pieces.  I am inspired by many things through my travels and exploring new techniques.  I work in many different fabrics and fibers.  I feel that my designs are wearable and functional.  These are timeless textiles and are created with much care and thought. I have a working studio open to the public at London Square 5800 S. Lewis, Suite 283. 

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