Event Dates

August 2 - September 22, 2019

Building on the Body exhibits jewelry crafted from building materials—from lightweight paper to cement—by designers from the United States, Europe, and Asia. Places and urban identities are revealed in brooches, necklaces, and rings crafted with Corian, corrugated cardboard, copper mesh, and steel. Jewelry becomes wearable architecture, challenging our understanding of what jewelry is in the context of contemporary culture.

108|Contemporary is pleased to introduce our upcoming exhibition Building on the Body: Identity, Materials, Jewelry. Architecture is seen in a new way as it melds with the human body. This exhibition brings together artists from around the world that use industrial and construction materials to create micro structures that highlight the unique architectural aspects of jewelry and the body it adorns. Through this process, the jewelry takes on a new form and becomes a wearable piece of architecture.

Architecture is often associated with the industrial construction of buildings: however, in Building on the Body 15 designers from Asia, Europe, and the United States have come together to challenge this concept. Using bodies as a foundation, the designers create breathtaking visual stories that often reflect the individual wearer’s urban identities. The exhibiting artists use industrial materials often used in construction, from concrete and steel to corrugated cardboard, to celebrate the human body and the expression of one’s identity through ornamentation using the same visual language of urban construction.


This exhibition is generously sponsored by The Mervin Bovaird Foundation, Tom & Susie Wallace, Jan Jennings & Herb Gottfried, TODD Architecture Group, and Doug Campbell.


Curated by Erin Rappleye