Event Dates

March 24 - May 20, 2020

As a response to the sudden closures and quarantines, we are starting a new video series called #108CraftingPositivity! We are reaching out to our artists, past and present, to engage in conversation about the current situation and how they stay creative. Look forward to videos starting next week. Stay healthy and keep crafting positivity!

Additionally, we also want to draw attention to our backlog of online craft kits! Participating in craft making relieves stress and lessens the effect of serious health conditions. You can find all the instructions for our Craft Kits online at https://108contemporary.org/craft-kits/ The materials needed for the projects are easily found at home or at your local art and craft supply store. If you make a Craft Kit at home with your kids during self-quarantine, please post a photo of your project and tag us! Stay healthy everyone! #108contemporarycraftkit


Episode 1 – Terasa Fadem Plumlee