Growing up in central Oklahoma exploring the countryside, Thomas has gone on to have a varied career. She studied music at Indiana University and then moved on to receive her Master’s in both music and fine arts at the University of Tulsa. Thomas has actively been involved in both the music and visual arts communities of Tulsa, teaching art for Tulsa Public Schools and participating in Tulsa Symphony Orchestra, Tulsa Ballet Orchestra, and others since 1980.

Thomas uses her craft as a way to communicate humanity’s relationship with the natural world. With organic forms dominating, she integrates figures and elements from the human body that creates a whimsical and serene narrative. Thomas prefers the unfinished, matte texture of unglazed red terracotta clay, which further emphasizes the harmonious and organic tone of her works.

Unlike the precision required in music, Thomas’ process of creating art is much more fluid. She uses each work as an opportunity to experiment and says that the final product often takes on new meaning from its original inception. This craft allows for new and exciting ways to communicate experiences unique to the visual arts, and the result is work that is both deeply personal to the artist and universally relatable.

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