Collector’s Circle

Anchor Stone Co.
The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation
Arts Alliance Tulsa
Robin Ballenger
Bank of Oklahoma
Corey Block
Myra Block Kaiser
Cecil & Virgie Burton Foundation
Conner & Winters, LLP
Frederic Dorwart
Jean Ann Fausser
Flint Family Foundation
Penni Gage
The George Kaiser Family Foundation
GH2 Architects
The Hardesty Family Foundation
Hogan Assessment Systems
HoganTaylor LLP
Mary Lee Townsend & Burt Holmes
Eric Ireland
The Judith & Jean Pape Adams Charitable Foundation
Knit Stars
Marilyn & Larry Lee
Marcia MacLeod
The McGill Foundation
The Mervin Bovaird Foundation
Mid-America Arts Alliance
Leigh Ann Moss
Ruth Nelson
Oklahoma Arts Council
Oklahoma Department of Libraries
Precision Sign & Design
Tulsa Artist Fellowship, LLC
Tulsa Community College
Susie Wallace
Peter M. Walter
Walter & Associates, Inc.
The William F. and Susan W. Thomas Charitable Foundation
Martin Wing
Zarrow Family Foundation