I am a native Tulsa Fiber Artist and Jewelry designer. I earned my BFA from the University of Tulsa where I studied fine art photography and painting. I have been working with different mediums within the fiber arts since I was child and my mother bought me my first latch hooking kit. From that moment on I was “hooked” and have fallen even more in love with this art form. I first began loom weaving shortly after my first child was born in 2012. At first my focus was on weaving small wall hangings and dream catchers for friends and family, but then began to transition to more mixed media work and started to explore working with fiber and polymer clay. Working with these two mediums together is what inspired me to start designing jewelry and also allowed for more experimentation with my weaving.  

I would say my style of weaving is definitely more intuitive in nature and tends to become a practice in meditation and stillness that I find to be much needed. I believe that through this weaving process I am able to express and release underlying feelings and emotions hidden beneath the surface. Weaving has truly helped me grow as an artist and has given me an authentic voice in this world! 

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Lost and Found: pieces of me 

2020 was a year that pushed me to places I had never wanted to explore within myself. The way I would view the world around me would be challenged and changed forever. I have lost pieces of me that I could never put back the same but I also found new ways of seeing those now altered but still valued pieces…these works explore the pain and the raw and often hideousness of healing from seemingly unbearable pain… a pain that I carried way to close to my heart a pain that forced me to see that I was still alive this pain did not kill me…these pieces symbolize the beauty that emerges as this pain settles. Fear sadness anger confusion heartache can all scar the shell but the beauty that re-emerges is so beyond what was originally there! 2020 took me down and showed me how to slowly and more securely and steadily re-build myself to become a person I dreamed of but never felt achievable. 

I was forced to see me…not the me that I put on for the world but the me that was buried under what I thought the world wanted to see…2020 took so much but it also gave me reason to rebuild. 

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