Every day I go into the studio.  Sometimes it’s just to play and sometimes it’s to work diligently, but always with a light heart and a sense of privilege.  There is no need for music or anything else to fill the silence.  The process of making art and the shift into the right hemisphere are sufficient.

It is difficult for me to put words on my work.  I am content to leave that to the viewer because what they are seeing or experiencing is more important than whatever I might say.  The most satisfying work for me is that developed from a desire to create art that is visually appealing and interesting, work emerging from the experience and silence of the process.

Working in different media helps me avoid “getting stuck” and presents new creative ideas.  The more skills an artist develops, the more creative possibilities become available.  The Artists Book is sometimes described as mixed media, fiber art, assemblage, or conceptual art.  It is however as much a genre of art as are painting, sculpture and print making.

The Book Artist sees the book, the form and function of the book, not as a container of information, but as an object of creative expression.  I choose to develop the Artists Book as unique, one of a kind objects of art.  The Artists Book also includes printed volumes in limited edition, traditional bookbinding, graphic design, pop-up and motion books, and books altered by sculpting or folding of the pages.

All forms of the Artists Book include at least one of the three elements common to the book: a cover, binding, and pages in sequence.  The Book Artist is at liberty to draw on multiple skills in developing their vision.  The resulting creation may or may not tell a story, convey an idea, or impart information, but aims at engaging and/or interacting with the viewer.

-Gail Trice

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