I am a fiber artist and nature enthusiast residing in Central Oklahoma, and my background in urban forestry involves connecting people to the trees in their communities. Intrigued by small details in the natural world, I utilize my craft to bring my observations to life by knitting free-form sculptures, often installing them in a natural setting. Through my work, I seek to communicate my genuine amazement at the complexities in nature. Organisms like plants and fungi do not really fall under the category of “intelligent life”, yet they interact with other aspects of the environment to carry out chemical and biological processes, adapt to change, and continue to build an established and thriving ecosystem.

The origins of my work revolve around the idea that our society often lacks in the basic needs of interaction with nature and awareness of the details in our surroundings. Natural observation is a form of meditation. Intricacies such as the textures of fungi draw me in. They spur on a stream of questions that lead me to a place of introspection, elevating me to a greater awareness of my surroundings. Utterly amazed by the self-sustaining cycles of ecosystems, I believe that connecting to nature in an attentive way is a crucial element to living a fulfilling life.

Leigh Martin