Rebecca Joskey is a Tulsa based artist. She earned her bachelors from Oklahoma State University in 1975 and then went on to take classes at the masters level in fashion from The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Rebecca is stylistically interested in abstract expressionism and her work has been exhibited and purchased at galleries such as Living Arts, MOREcolor Gallery, M.A. Doran Gallery, and Tulsa Artist Coalition Gallery.

Joskey challenges her viewers with a unique approach to abstract expressionism. Joskey’s work does not fit into the conventions of painting or mosaic work. Instead, she is interested in asking the audience questions about where the familiar and mundane fit into art. In addition to her own artistic skill, Joskey is committed to her local arts community; she is the founder of Urban Lab Studios in Tulsa, which functions as a support system and low cost exhibition space for up and coming artists. The organization pairs her interest in mentoring and business with her passion for art, craft and technique.

Joskey is interested in the pairing of recycled materials, such as children’s toys and found objects, with geometry and bold colors. Her work is playful and relatable, along with being based in great expertise in various artistic fields. Joskey is unique in her ability to connect with her viewers and make her work widely accessible. Her innovative reframing of the familiar coupled with her exquisite balance of color and shape leads her audience to refocus on everyday living in a different light and understand the different purposes and capabilities of art.

To watch an interview with Joskey, click here.