Sally Bachman has been a resident of Tulsa, OK since 2008 and a member of 108 Contemporary for several years. Previously, she resided in Santa Fe and Taos, NM where she taught, wove, and operated from one to four weaving/craft businesses. She has resided in seven states, three of which have hosted my teachings, residencies, and grant activities.

“My wish is to build stories with and about figures made of materials and what transpires regarding my imaginative self as the characters develop. Within my devotion everything is three dimensional and contains most essential material that build creative figures. Contents grow as do ideas that develop upon foundations.

Imagination enters my thoughts in route to compassion, transformation and completion. Birds and people figures become creations throughout the process of investigating materials. How to utilize known and unknown materials create new and old paths.

This is my love of each day. In the morning hours I study to verify what I have created. And, although none of these creations are alive, in my mind and heart they are. Our ‘conversations’ are of humor and artistic imagination and invention.” — Sally Bachman