Shin Yeon Jeon, a ceramic artist, is driven by the invisible aspects of human life; the elements of a human being that are least visible and most ephemeral. Her goal is to depict the transient aspect of human emotions in solid ceramic sculpture, transforming them into a permanent state. Instead of a literal description of the human form, she attempts to suggest feelings by use of ambiguous facial expressions. These expressions are much more enigmatic and suggestive of multiple and subtly conflicting states of being than a straightforward condition such as sad, happy, or angry. The psychological presence in these pieces reveals a sense of vitality and profound artistic integrity. Her recent Head sculptures were created by using original modeled heads and duplicating the form with rubber/mother mold casting and multiple, rigorous firing processes. These construction techniques, as well as a wide array of glaze application and rich surface treatment, demonstrate her ability as a ceramic sculptor and give an indication of her past training as a painter.

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