Susan Michael is a local Tulsa artist who specializes in the creation of unique improvisational quilts that are made by hand and use materials from the remains of previously made quilts. For the 108|Contemporary gift shop she has made completely new quilt designs that are a small wall-sized format.

Michael’s goal in her craft is to “challenge the aspect of symmetry as the default of quilt design”. This attention to making her quilts different from the norm is what sets Michael’s work apart from others. Michael’s process starts by “selecting small scrap pieces of fabric from a previous quilt. These remnants inform the development of the design elements and lead [her] to be open-minded”. Michael also states that she must “rely on the play of ratio and color to bring balance to the offset structures in the quilt” and that “the interplay of small scraps of fabric with the larger pieces is [her] favorite design element. This brings intricate detail into the work, but also honors something that might be considered disposable”.

This quilt series is a special addition to the 108|Contemporary gift shop because it is an opportunity to showcase a familiar style of craft that is being produced in an entirely fresh way. Susan Michael creates something new out of a well-known art form through her techniques in symmetrical imbalance, complimenting color choices, and delicately crafted material.

Watch an interview with Susan Michael here