Taryn Singleton received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts with a minor in Women and Gender Studies from the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC and her MFA in Painting with a minor in Printmaking from the University of Tulsa here in Tulsa, OK. She teaches art full time and exhibits regionally with a wide variety of works ranging from paintings, prints and collages to embroideries that are all connected by her perspective of the world around her.

Her education and philosophy can be seen as she studies life, paralleling it in her visual expression. In her pieces, at times abstract and conceptual, she explores ambiguous spaces in the world. She is particularly concerned with the intersection (or lack thereof) between the masculine and feminine, as well as systematic inequality and different power dynamics in a post-structuralist world. Each question drives artistic decision and evolves as she crafts her narrative into a tangible craft.

Singleton describes it as “creating [an] invented landscape” which she then navigates in all aspects of her pieces such as line, color, shape, pattern, and “the cultivation of accidents.” Her observations of the external world merge with her internal thought processes and become a new creation that continue her discussion of ambiguity.


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