Below is an interview with fiber and gift shop artist, Teresa Fadem.

Q: What inspired you to pursue a career as an artist?

I knew at a very early age that I was creative.  I feel I was destined to fulfill my need to create beautiful things.  I feel so lucky to be able to do just that.

Q: What paths led you to fiber art and wearable art? How did you learn your techniques?

My path was full circle. It took until my forties to start using my talents after leaving the corporate world.  My techniques were mostly taught by my own accord. I have read and experimented all along the way.

Q: What advantages do you feel you have as an artist living in Oklahoma?

The local art community is full of very talented individuals. I have felt so encouraged by so many. Great place to build my talents.

Q: What has been your biggest source of inspiration?

My source of inspiration is couture designers, travel, and nature.

Q: How have your designs and techniques evolved over the years?

My designs change with trying to find different materials to incorporate into my creations. A few years ago I started using dye and paint onto my garments, this has opened a most wonderful door.

Q: How has becoming an artist and utilizing your creativity affected your life?

Becoming an artist has made my soul complete.

Q: Where do you see your work moving towards in the future?

My work moving forward is full of ideas.  I want to test the limits of my medium. I am always learning, and finding how interesting it is that so many unrelated materials that integrate into what I see in my future ideas.

Q: What drives your decisions in terms of material, color, and shape in your pieces?

There are two modes of apparatus. The business side is materials and colors.  These are dictated by trends. So those factors are considered.  However, when doing art for the sheer sake of just personal expression, all bets are off!

Q: What advice do you have for emerging artists?

The cliché of a starving artist is true! I would highly recommend knowing how to run business and marketing strategies in conjunction with one’s artistic talent.

Q: What is the strangest tool one would find in your studio?

I have no strange tools!