Event Dates

February 28 - March 22, 2020, 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Coming February 28th, Oklahoma artists Sarah Atlee and Susan R. Michael join together for our first exhibition of 2020.  Working with fabrics from thrift stores to discarded clothing, Sarah and Susan blend a myriad of textiles to create intricate and detailed quilt pieces.

Sarah Atlee

Working with found, reclaimed, and donated fabrics is crucial to my practice. I source materials from what is around me – discarded clothing or other textiles, local thrift store finds, even antique market bargains. By practicing an ancient art born of necessity, I connect with our shared past while reflecting on self-sufficiency in consumer culture.

Susan R. Michael

Susan’s goal in her craft is to “challenge the aspect of symmetry as the default of quilt design”. This attention to making her quilts different from the norm is what sets Michael’s work apart from others. Michael’s process starts by “selecting small scrap pieces of fabric from a previous quilt. These remnants inform the development of the design elements and lead [her] to be open-minded”. Michael also states that she must “rely on the play of ratio and color to bring balance to the offset structures in the quilt” and that “the interplay of small scraps of fabric with the larger pieces is [her] favorite design element. This brings intricate detail into the work, but also honors something that might be considered disposable”.