Event Dates

March 11 - March 15, 2019, 9:00am - 4:00pm

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Understanding the symbolic nature of archetypes, and working with them as inspiration for artwork, is at the heart of this workshop. Many theorists have written about the role archetypes play in our understanding of human experience, and have suggested we all have archetypal patterns that we recognize easily in each other! Archetypes are a sort of shorthand for the many recognizable qualities human beings share.

The fun begins when we, as artists, study our personal archetypes intending to use them as inspiration for making art.

Anyone who has perfected a few skill sets in any medium, but is interested in mining for meaning will benefit from this workshop. Both beginners and those with more experience. Your collection of personally selected archetypes is a resource for contemplation and reflection, and a path to creating work that is distinctively your own. Everyone can study archetypes, but each artist’s work is always unique– reflecting myriad life experiences and archetypal influences.

Participants will receive reading assignments and suggestions about how to prepare prior to the workshop’s start. Our five days will be spent balancing directed conversation and contemplation, with active development of an archetypal visual language, and lots of hands-on play. This is a joyful process, so come prepared to think deep and play hard!

Personal Archetypes as Artistic Inspiration is held under ahha Tulsa’s Your ProgramOur Space initiative, which enables organizations and individuals to rent Hardesty Center studios for independent programs. This program is not an official program of ahha—please contact Jen Boyd at jen@108contemporary.org for ticketing or program questions.